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Dogma is

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any statement or proposition which is simply taken as true, with out proof or intelligible evidence...
which pretty much describes your entire post.

I, unlike you 'dude', didn't lay down any ignorant generalisations or huge sweeping statements in my post, I simply pointed out the problems with yours

I do believe in morality, a living morality. One that is part of a living and
changing world... one that considers situation and context rather than some great polarisation of good and evil... sorry
Im afraid that your over simplification of the issues can only be described as... well... 'bush-speak'

All Im saying is that any piece of pro-American rhetoric cannot rely on morals or half-baked pseudo moral philosophy (such as yours). America's history combined with the blatant economic aspect of this war... makes it all seem, well basically hypocritical

If you want to argue this there are more pragmatic and obviouse reasons for war, but Im no gona tell you them