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Hey have you heard the war has already started!

Posted to Poetry and Politics

American and British fighters attacked some Iraqi base today... but we haven’t gone to war yet ok?

What is it with this word 'war' anyway, I think it’s lost and it can’t find its way home... consider:

Pakistan and India are not at 'War' on the borders of Kashmir...

That lovely 'War' on terror that doesn’t take prisoners, well not 'WAR' prisoners anyway

Oh and have you heard the one about the 'war' on drugs... what a joke.

'Iraq wasn’t exactly a War... remember a war is when TWO armies are fighting' - Bill Hicks

I want a War on mindless totalitarian rhetoric, a War on spin, a War on manipulative language damn it... these are our words man (especially writers) and these politacians man they're changin em man...