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My mind can't be institutionalized
because my beliefs have been constitutionalized -
put down on paper and amended
i have transcended the masses
rose above the classes
smashed my rose-colored glasses and seen the world for what really exists
DO NOT RESIST the temptation to follow
your knowledge is hollow
and unless you want to swallow the shit you've been drinking
better start thinking and move with me to the top,
above all the slop and chop-shop shit
they keep recycling into a new reality who's causality
is just the same as the old game - who's to blame?
No body but yourselves for allowing ourselves
to be fooled, schooled and ruled by those people in high places
who's faces are blank spaces surrounded by signs
that say deposit money here
they fear our waking -
leaves them quaking in their J-crew boots and Armani suits
They have no roots
because there ain't no color line when all they see is a money sign
Its high time we resign our blind beliefs in race, color and creed -
Greed is the real enemy - the true amenity that is destroying our world -
the flag unfurled is red, white and blue - what color are you and do you think it matters
the shade of your skin if you can't begin to put greenbacks in the packs of the people in
power? Gold is the only shade thats ever made a difference in this land so don't just
stand by and buy everything the media's selling - something smelling rotten in America
and its the shit on the bottom of all our shoes - choose sides but don't do it based on
who your ancestors might have been - if we are to win do it for those that will descend
and realize now that if you are poor, no matter history's score or your family's lore, to the
people in power every person without money is a goddamn peasant.