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Would you care...

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to state what you believe? Or are you going to come to this page and rip on all the usual political jargon with simply a different brand of political jargon?

If you see capitalism as a system of buying and consuming then you have missed the point; but I'm pretty sure missing the point is part of most of the points you make.

Z Dharma may not have eloquently stated a seemless rhetorical/philosophical/patriotic view, but he/she is at least aware of the fact that most of the anti-americanism in the world is fueled not by the negative effects of capitalism but rather a misunderstanding of what capitalism is. If nothing else, please understand that last point.

As Chuck Palahniuk and Trent Reznor have both purported, it is awfully easy to be anti-everything and it is incredibly difficult to be pro-anythingspecific. Choke and a few songs on The Fragile were both reactions to this profound realization.

Your constant barrage of anti-capitalist cliches have trumped the fact that I thought you had something of value to say. You who were telling me to stop writing blanketed statements have in turn created straw men and red herrings and have never really stated anything of substance.