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I do believe in the completely free market. I'd consider her more of a conservative than neo liberal but she always said that she was neither; she called herself a "pro-capitalist". Hence, I consider myself a pro-capitalist as well.

Welfare, in labor or corporate form, in the objectivist/laissez-faire capitalist sense should be banished to the Hell from whence it came. The state should never compensate for anything, ever. She says that education should be completely privatized, with good cause considering the deplorable state the American Educational System is in. She said that privatization would get rid of a myriad problems in our society (everything from "my-kid-should-be-allowed-to-pray/my-kid-hates-God to pro/anti-pledge of allegience would be determined by the parents' choice for the school their child goes to.)

Rand has very little sympathy for the "lower class" whom in a perfect system of laissez-faire capitalism (with no free government handouts) would be the product of stupidity (I've always said in a capitalist system it's not how hard you work but how well you think) or laziness.

If you think in a laissez faire system there would be rampant anti-affirmative action undertones then you must understand this one small point: Corporations that refuse to hire a worker based on their race would essentially be cutting off the proper talent pool from their own organization and would thus be at a great disadvantage and most likely produce mediocre products and would eventually run out of business.

Or, at least that's her paradigm. I find it pretty seemless, the thing that strikes people hardest is the "fuck you if you're not of ability" attitude; but that same attitude is written all over the natural order of things. She says in her books that nobody should ever owe anything to anybody else just by virtue of their being born.

Full capitalism perpetuates the idea that there should be no classes, only individuals. Any class differentiation would be respectable because in a free market capitalist society the richest people would be the most talented, not just men who had a lot of money and used THAT money to make even more money without actually producing something.

Just imagine the freedom an individual would have if his government only existed in order to protect him from aggression. There would be no more need for politics, really.