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if government only existed

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to protect one from agression, who would be the protector? the otherwise inabled? would government exist only to use those that were not intelligent enough to participate in the free market? and would not the laborers that produce for the free market have the choice to rise up against an economic enslavement that may entrap them into lifelong subservience to the employer?

for one that honors the origins of the u.s., i.e. 'that all men are created equal...' and 'life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness...' may remain an echo if that belief system were implemented.

the world will NEVER become a utopia, despite the efforts of any one person or persons, for individuals will always attack another because of ignorance, greed, envy, lust, etc... for these things are learning obstacles for mankind to deal with in order to grow as better individuals. and the ultimate conclusion to life is the realization of ones own being, beyond the scope of intellectualization.

i admire your embrace of philosophies that dare mankind to be better, but once you have understood the philosophy, it is encumbent upon your own individuality to merely see the philosophy as a stepping stone to a much greater existence beyond 'free market.'

'free market' is at once to fulfill a need and a want. needs are simply tools for basic survival, but must include fulfillment of emotions....whereas 'wants' are merely temporal desires that afford limited joy, the greatest being 'the desire' itself...all at what cost? therein lies the enigma, and it is enigmas that keep us from attaining boredom in the charade of perfection.