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Toxic cultural rubbish, huh?

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Are you talking about
Steinbeck-Kerouac-Hemingway-Angelou-Vonnegut-Toni Morrison-Pearl S. Buck-Ginsberg-Burroughs-Mailer-Hunter Thompson-Brautigan-Miller (Henry and Arthur, yessiree)-Corso..etc.etc.etc.

..and that's just the twentieth century! Do you think those tank-driving communist Chinese would have put up with their freewheeling hijinks? Nope.
It's also funny that you feel the need to dignify yourself over mainstream America. There's nothing wrong with choosing to live outside of that mainstream. But characterizing the people who don't share your lifestyle or your political beliefs or whatever categorical bullshit you've devised for holding your nose over the common man is just that - BULLSHIT. Most of those people you so despise who drive around with Rebel flags on their cars (I don't know about you, maybe you're not the nasal, self-righteous Yankee I picture in my mind, but I GREW UP IN THE SOUTH, you pompous ass) are part of the neglected working and lower classes who COULD have a bigger piece of the pie than the status quo lets them have. If you're a Communist, then your revulsion with humanity puts you more in line with Joseph Stalin. Shit, maybe even Hitler.
You've got a lot of the same problems with America in 2002 that a lot of people have. Join the club. But get some fucking respect and compassion for your less enlightened human brethren, and, fuck's sake, listen to the Rev. Vonny -
"Just because we can read and write and do arithmetic doesn't mean we deserve to conquer the universe." (Hocus Pocus)