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I thought the first time that I hated it.
But, on rereading, it turned out to be quite good.

Apart from the occasional, obviously asinine rhyming couplet that has no meaning or purpose, that is.

And the fact that while it is about contemporary issues, the style is anachronistic. Of course, that could embody the maxim that "the more things change the more they stay the same", in which case I approve. On the other hand, it's very style could be a futile wish for the old _movement_, in which case it is a protest not against today's political/economic injustice, but against a world that no longer considers _you_ artistically relevant. That lends a faintly elegeic and remorseful, or, rather, reminiscent air (are those rose-tinted glasses really smashed, or just worn selectively?) to it that completely belies the anger that is ostensibly present.

Well I explained that badly.