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whoose right?

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who be the judge?

From an anthopological perspective we are just another civilization that will be the ruins someone will pick through in another thousand years.

who is right?

Capitalism means nothing when you have no pure water, no clean air, no electricity to run our technology and we are quickly (we being this techno society) using up our resources at an alarming rate. Capitalism is a deck of cards built on the foundation of plundering the resources of poorer third world countries and the last remaining and shrinking pristine places in our own country. If we (we being humanity) don't look around and see that we are all on this rocketship in space together and that everything is connected...our species is doomed to the long run. WE have to evolve beyond the 'us' and 'them' mentality or the capitalism, love it or get your ass back to Europe and 'we' will see 'whose right' attitude before WE can live anywhere close to the truth. Separating ourselves from the masses, the teeming masses, of humanity does not address the basic problem of shrinking resources and the fragility of the planet we ALL depend on.