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I don't care about little people

Posted to Poetry and Politics

and I don't expect them to care about me.

All I care about is my individual rights and my protection from outside or domestic aggressors.

The purpose of government is to take care of the latter; the former consists of natural, inherent rights.

I don't owe anybody anything by virtue of their being born, nor does anybody owe me anything by virtue of my being born. That is not how it works at all.

If you want to incorrectly see capitalism as exploitation of the so-called "weak"; that is your misunderstanding. You seem to be wrapped up in the corrupt tenets of the mixed economy where government and economics are allowed to mix and therefor hold influence over each other. Yes, in the mixed economy the rich get richer (because they hold political sway) and the poor get poorer (because they hold no political sway). Laissez faire capitalism is the complete separation of church, state and economics - leaving open only the liberties inherent in being born a human. I cannot see any other system that makes as much sense as that.

It's not that I want to be rich and get rich by virtue of sticking my foot on the neck of lesser-able-people who are drowning in the mud; I want to get rich by virtue of producing something (a book, an invention, a service) that other free people are willing to trade the product of their work (money) for. That is the essense of laissez faire capitalism.

If you truly want my underpants to be carniverous then you want somebody who actually has a grip on how he wants things to be (rather than the resounding common pragmatism)not to reproduce and thus you are actually searching for the elimination of dissent - you pigfucker.

People like you will only be happy when a dictator takes over the High Office and assures you all that everyone is equal, and equal in service of the state.

Fucking weak.