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"One only needs to look at the way corporations function right now to see that capitalism, unchecked, simply doesn't work."

Those corporations are unchecked because they hold political sway in our current mix of capitalism and socialism (if you don't believe what I just said, refer to my reply to Buddhistpunk; and if you need a furhter explanation just ask me or read the other posts I have on this page).

These same lazy corporations would have to get off their asses in pure capitalism because it is essentially the individuals that hold power over the corporations. LIke I said before, if enough people hated Ford enough to no longer buy their cars, Ford could be shut down within a year. That is the power of true democracy by virtue of free individuals.

EVERYTHING YOU DO IS POLITICAL, WHETHER YOU WANT IT TO BE OR NOT. So become a lot more conscious of the choices you make and you'll be surprised at what a different you'll make.