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are you a sociopath?

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"All I care about is my individual rights and my protection from outside or domestic aggressors."

That's ALL you care about? Humans are, when healthy, social animals. Each human, by nature, finds him/herself enmeshed in overlapping groups - family, friends, nation, workplace, interest group. Even if you want to see it wholly from the perspective of the self, having things in common with others means it is in your interests to look out for them, knowing that in doing so you are making an investment - an investment whose returns come in the form of returned favours, help etc. It really is quite hard to see where the lines of connection end. By not caring at all about the "little people" (who they?) you are taking a gamble. Your lack of "caring" will reap its inevitable reward - they won't value you very much either. Writ large, with your attitude extrapolated across millions of like minded souls, you are aiming for an environment where no one looks out for anyone else and no one can have even a degree of confidence that all hell shall not break lose at the first sign of trouble. I infer that, with your dislike of government, you are similarly queasy about armies and police forces. Good luck when your ideas hold sway and these safety nets dissipate. You will need it. In the anarchy you wish to promote it will be every selfish person for himself. Are you up to the task of fighting off everyone who wants to break into your house?