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Iraq? What about Norway?

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I think American aggression is misdirected towards the Mid-East. We should realize that the real threat to our way of life, the real enemy, is


Why you ask?

Well, Norwegian salmon farms are producing cheap pen raised salmon and flooding the world salmon markets with them, causing a drastic reduction in the ex-vessel salmon price on the West Coast U.S.and Canadian market. This in turn is having a very negative economic influence on at least three hundered of my friends, so I say we should go get this over with, and over with now!
And, if you still aren't convinced of those Norwegian rascals evil intentions, then folks I got some news for you that will whip even the most passive Budhist Monk into a bloodcurdling warwhooping frenzy.
The Norwegians have kidnapped Keiko The Killer Whale!!
Oh yes they have!!
Recent photos in the world press have shown our own dear Keiko in some undisclosed fijord being force fed disgustingly cheap Norwegian fish, while being tormented by happy children.
So, I urge you. Write the president and your congressman demanding that the Norwegian menace be put in its place. Its time to show those devils who the boss is.