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A little under a year ago it was explained to the west that the talaban had Osama Bin Laden under house arrest. They explained that it was against muslim law to extradite him to a non-muslim country (muslim law has existed longer than the U.S.A) but that they would consider extraditing him to another muslim state, for example Turkey, Pakistan, Libya, Iran. The west declined. Instead we invaded Afghanistan and fought a war. Osama Bin Laden escaped and is still at large as are large numbers of his troops. He is thought to be plotting his next outrage, for example a dirty bomb, that could kill even more than last time. Did we fuck up? Should we have negotiated for him to be extradited to a country such as Jordan or Turkey and then after that pressured for a trial in a neutral state, as we did with the Lockerbie bombers? If we had followed that policy would Osama Bin Laden and his followers now be neutralized?