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Hey, mtmynd and Illuminara...

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Earth Guru is a handful, be warned. He's highly worth the trouble if you enjoy people with a condescending manner who enjoy making self righteous declarations about what exactly is wrong with the rest of the world. His bight is worse than his bark, so don't play devil's advocate in a debate because he'll have you thinking you're winning the fight and then jerk the world out from under you. He's terribly brilliant in his thinking and his writing; though chooses to waste both gifts preaching the objectivist gospel to a world of lowly communists. (Objectivism is his pearl, we are the swine)

My point is it's a growing experience interacting with him, but don't be so shocked when he swears off this sight. Because if he is gone for any extended period of time, he only comes back smarter, sharper, quicker and better....unfortunately.