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I like it in here, like it in Flamage too, most entertaining..

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Was thinking of you last night with the wind, it must have been crazy up there. Did the veranda fall off? When does the insurance kick in? The road either way through town here is cut off with trees down. Pretty wild huh? No work today on account of the weather. (Jeremy's hoping I fall of the planet I think, and I can't wait either. Did I mention he irritates me a bit? Maybe I should go over to Flames and have a good whinge...)
Good morning to you laddie.
And our Mr Downer gets to play big man today, chatting with Iraq. He's a very important person. Isn't it odd that the yanks have no direct communication with Saddam? How can you argue without contact? Do you think it's true? Downer said things didn't look promising... Our government feels left out after the WTC attack, trying hard to play with the big league, even if it means ..........
AAAHHH! I don't fucking know. What's the answer Varp? Hit the road like Jack and don't come back no more, no more, no more, no more...I think we'd better change our plans and go next week.