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Yeah, the lines are all blurred

Posted to Poetry and Politics

I've been listening to talk back radio here in Melbourne, all about the surgence of Anti-American-Foriegn-Policy feeling across the world. I can't say I'd rather be an Afghani or an Iraqi (or however you say that), but please, what has happened to the truth? Where is that constitutionally protected 'free speech'? Seems like people are too quiet in opposing Bush, don't wanna be branded as terrorists and get thrown in jail with no right of reply.
I'm sorry the Europeans slaughtered your people, I'm sorry they did the same here in Australia, I'm sorry the English murdered the Scottish Highlanders and sent us out into the world (I'm part English too). It goes on. It's US. The HUMANS, who are barbarians. You and I may be nice, I'm sure you, and and I know I am...but some bugger with a big gun will make short work of all our meditations in a flash. I dunno, I'm sick to the stomach of these thugs. Last time I heard Bush on the teve, I put my fingers in my ears and hummed really loudly. Last time I heard Howard I yelled 'fuck off' at the radio. What can we do in the face of our own dark human blood lust?
It's not that I have an answer at all, I'm simply justifiably scared shitless of what may come. I have no faith in these liars. They tell me it's daytime and still I go outside to look if the sun is there.