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'We' are the 'they' you're on about

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Capitalism v. Communism? I don't know if it's social conditioning to be greedy or not. Who exactly designed WHAT to pacify the masses? Do you think it's that simple, that SOMEONE designed a way for us to be subdued?

Every now and then someone has a revelation, and tries to reform society... then greed, power, control creep in and fuck it up. Most great reforms have been borne out of genuine care, maybe even love toward mankind... but humans are prone to 'corruption' for want of a better term.
Someone said an idea will not bear passionate fruit beyond four generations.. eg. communism; the reformation; I can't think of any others off hand it's too late, excepting things like international help type whatsits. The passion dies, structured methods and nature take over to replace genuine desire for something good.
SELF rules. Communism's bound to fail, it doesn't serve the self.
I don't buy the abstract 'They made these things to subdue the masses' rhetoric, it goes deeper than than that. You can't seperate societies control mechanisms from human nature. We create society.
I'm sure I'm talking trash, it's too late for this and I've got work in the morning, so what the fuck am I doing here anyway when I've got other stuff to do, and I said I wasn't gonna play today.