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I know, I know

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But how can we stop these maniacs who threaten to topple the world? Already the poisons are insidiously eating us up. The gardens grow differently because of the changed weather. The anger is the same, but the weapons bigger, BIGGER. I think I'm a realist. I agree that 'individually' is the place to start. And I agree with Panta, but facts are, we ARE 'seperated' as she so eloquently puts it, so beautifully. We ARE, and do seek strangely to deal with this human condition. Hope? Tell me about hope for the world. There are many, many wonderous things that prove again and again to me the beauty of human nature. I love us in our inadequacies as much as our strengths. But all this talk of war is frightening me very much. The nature also is groaning under our dominion.