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a wordy reply:

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i enjoyed your last nights replies...corporations are indeed the new world power- lobbyists in politics swaying the vote or good sense for its benefits, under the pretext of 'jobs, jobs, jobs...we give jobs to people'...but as all things in life there is the counter-idea: a likelihood of loss of individuality for the dollar.

the dollar is like the carrot in front of the horse, and which we choose how long that journey will much do we owe, how much do we want for exchange, how much is enough, how much is too little, how much, how much, how much becomes the mantra of man.

when it comes to money, it is always the profit that is the bottom line - no profit no job, unless you are at the bottom rung where choice becomes blurred by basic needs...then the reasoning becomes unnecessary - survival becomes much, how much, how much...?

as for corporations, they fly no flag of nationality, only their own logo identifying their presence in the business world that knows no borders, for as the world gets smaller and smaller, the need for one country, one piece of land to house the corporations becomes lost in the frenzie of accumulation to survive, and hopefully to survive BIG!

(...and asked "what will you do when you conquer the world?" the suit replied, "rest." and the man said, "why wait until then, when you can have all the rest you need now?")

"money is numbers, and numbers reveal a perfection, but unfortunately people do not, for our perfection cannot be measured in numbers but by joy which transcends the abstraction of numbers and enters the reality of existence, an existence not limited by measurement of material gain but by our ability to love."