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US President George Bush is preparing for a new war on Iraq using the pretext
that Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein is threatening the world with "weapons of
mass destruction". Pentagon papers leaked on July 4 reveal plans for an assault
on Iraq involving 250,000 troops. US defence secretary Donald Rumsfield is
seeking new laws that will give the military a freer hand by reducing
congressional supervision of the Pentagon. Meanwhile deputy defence secretary
Paul Wolfowitz has been in Ankara, pressuring Turkey to support a US invasion of

Scott Ritter, a former senior United Nations weapons inspectors in Iraq,
observes "there is no justification for war based upon the facts that had been
presented by both the United States and Great Britain." Ritter points out that
the UN has already demolished 90% of Iraq's stockpile.

Despite the failure of the CIA to find any evidence of nuclear, biological or
chemical weapons, the United Nations Security Council has used this assertion to
justify a crippling economic blockade on the 22 million people of Iraq (assisted
by the Australian navy). A 1999 UNICEF report calculated that more than half a
million children had died as a direct result of sanctions since 1990 (an average
of 200 per day).

The world's greatest stockpile of "weapons of mass destruction" in fact lies in
the hands of the Pentagon, which has been allocated a budget of $396 billion for
the 2003 financial year. Speaking at the West Point military academy on June 1,
US President George Bush refused to rule out the possibility of "first strike"
nuclear attacks against Iraq and other "rogue states". With US congressional
elections due in November, the propaganda machine is being cranked up to win the
support of American people for a new war.

To date only two other governments have pledged their support for a US attack on
Iraq: Britain and Australia.

We the undersigned demand:
* No US attack on Iraq
* Lift the sanctions on the Iraqi people
* No Australian government support for a war on Iraq

Further, we pledge to build the largest possible peaceful protest rallies in
cities around Australia on November 3, on the eve of US congressional elections.


Jo Vallentine, People for Nuclear Disarmament (WA) & former Greens Senator;
Tanya Plibersek, Labor MP;
Natalie Stevens, campaigner, People for Nuclear Disarmament (Sydney); Rev Ray
Richmond, Wayside Chapel (Uniting Church Aust); John Hallam, Friends of the
Earth (Sydney); Cam Walker, Friends of the Earth, Melbourne; Teri Calder,
Greenpeace Australia; Keysar Trad, Lebanese Muslim Assoc; Jamal Daoud,
spokesperson on Immigration & Refugees, Greens NSW; Pamela Curr, spokesperson on
Refugees, Greens (Vic); Nick Everett, Network Opposing War & Racism (Sydney);
Colin Mitchell, Network Opposing War & Racism (Adelaide); Dick Nichols, national
co-convenor, Socialist Alliance; Ian Rintoul, national co-convenor, Socialist
Alliance; Andrew Ferguson, State Secretary, CFMEU (Construction Div) NSW;
Michael Thomson, Asst State Secretary (General Staff), NTEU (NSW) & NSW
Legislative Council candidate, Socialist Alliance; Michael Schembri, producer
'Gay Waves' 2SER & NSW Legislative Council candidate, Socialist Alliance; Sylvia
Hale, Greens Councillor, Marrickville Council; Pip Hinman, Action in Solidarity
with Asia & the Pacific; Roberto Jorquera, Free the Refugees Campaign
(Parramatta); Paul Benedek, Free the Refugees Campaign (Sydney); Sylvie Leber,
Refugee Action Collective (Vic); John Seed, Rainforest Information Centre
(Lismore); Damien Lawson, Western Suburbs Legal Service, Newport; Layla
Mohammed, Worker Communist Party of Iraq; Fouad Elhage, chairperson,
Australian-Iraqi Friendship Assoc (Vic); Bill Hartley, executive officer,
Australian-Iraqi Friendship Assoc (Vic); Andy Gough, Secretary, Summerland
Greens NSW; Matt Collins, president, Young Labor (Qld) & convenor ALP Social
Justice Policy Committee (Qld); Jacob Grech, OzPeace; Maxine Caron, Canberra
Program for Peace; Mairi Petersen, Secretary Hiroshima Day Committee Wollongong;
Doreen Borrow, Australian Peace Committee, South Coast branch; Marg Perrott,
President, South Coast May Day Committee; Hillel Freedman, Nuclear Free
Australia; Chelsea McNab, Yarra Ranges Environment Coalition; Pat Feehelly Rural
Australians for Refugees (Goulburn); Sabine Holt, President, World Peace Society
(Aust); Sunirmalya Symons, Secretary, World Peace Society (Aust); Roland Lubett,
Director, Last-First Networks; Ray Jackson, Indigenous Social Justice Assoc; Dr
John Tomlinson, senior lecturer, QUT; Peter McGregor, senior lecturer, School of
Communications, University of Western Sydney; John Nightingale, lecturer, School
of Economics, University of New England; Bea Bleile, lecturer, School of Maths,
Stats & Comp Sci, Universtity of New England; Gary MacLennan, lecturer, QUT;
Kelly-Ann Wickham, associate lecturer, Faculty of Education, QUT; Dorothy Bruck,
Associate Professor & Acting Deputy Dean, Faculty of Arts, Victoria University;
Dr John Tully, lecturer, Asian and International Studies, Victoria University;
Jenny Sharples, senior lecturer, Dept Psychology, Victoria University; Heather
Gridley, senior lecturer Dept Psychology, Victoria University; Wendy Saunders,
lecturer, Dept Psychology, Victoria University; Ruth Ballardie, PhD research
student in psychology, Victoria University; Dr Anthony Ashbolt, lecturer,
Politics & Communications, University of Wollongong; Dr Tim Anderson, lecturer,
University of Sydney; Dr Barbara Leigh, Head of Asia Pacific Studies, UTS;
Gokhan Bacik, Dept International Relations, Fatih University, Istanbul, Turkey;
Louise Dressing, Senior Policy Officer, Dept of Education & Training, Victoria;
Nell Graham, Environmental Education Officer; Venetia Brissenden, Community
Development & Education Officer, Hepatitis C Council (Vic); Mary Watson,
Clinical Psychologist; Jill Hickson, producer, Actively Radical TV; Debbie
Brennan, Radical Women; Michael Morphett, National Executive, Socialist
Alliance; Alison Thorne, Melbourne Organiser, Freedom Socialist Party (Aust);
Brenda Roy, Greens WA member; Steve Georgopoulos, Imagine Peace & Hopecaravan;
A. Hindirju, Anti-Nuclear Alliance of WA; Rebecca Pinkstone, Aust-Cuba
Friendship Society (Sydney); Roque Grillo, Support Group for the Mothers of
Plaza de Mayo Assoc of Argentina; Tang Shu, International Dept, Labor Rights
Assoc (China, Taiwan); Peter Vella-Grech, Boar's Hill Housing Co-Op, UK; Natalie
Zirngast, Women's Info & Research Officer, RMIT Student Union; Belgin Besim,
Research & Info Officer, RMIT Student Union; Audrey Scarff, Council Staff, RMIT
Student Union; Sally Orpin, Admin Officer, RMIT Student Union; Kaijin Zah
Kenisciehad, NUS delegate, Ourimbah Campus, University of Newcastle; John Davis,
Co-editor, The Paper; Ken Stewart, Urban Guerillas; Dave Riley, Carnival of the
Oppressed, Brisbane; Jepke Goudsmit & Graham Jones, co-directors, Kinetic Energy
Theatre Company; Simon Butler, National Coordinator, Resistance; Ghazi Noshie,
industrial officer, AMWU; Chris Cain, delegate, MUA; Daniel Jardine,
vice-president, general staff, Macquarie branch, NTEU; Alana Kerr, central
councillor, PSA; Vivienne Porzsolt, delegate, PSA; Melanie Sjoberg, delegate,
PSA; Noreen Navin, state councillor, NSWTF; Adam Leeman, delegate, AMWU; Liam
Mitchell, delegate, AMWU; Jenny Long, delegate, PSA; Lachlan Malloch, delegate,
PSA; Chris Pickering, PSA Delegate; Mara Ochoa, delegate, ASU; Simon Millar,
AMWU (Vic); Mattie Turnbull, CPSU; Phil Shannon, delegate, CPSU; John Passant,
CPSU & MEAA; Helen Whitechurch, NSWTF; Lynda Hansen, FSU (QLD); Anthony Benbow,
CEPU (WA); University of New England Community for Peace & Freedom; Talha Patel,
Muslim Student Assoc, UWA; Kiraz Janicke, Refugee Rights Action Network, UWA;
Dina Elhafez, Arab Assoc; May Hismeh, Arabic Club, UWA; Wollongong University
Meditation Society; People for Nuclear Disarmament (NSW); International
Federation of Iraq Refugees; Democratic Socialist Party; International Socialist
Organisation; Socialist Alternative; Socialist Democracy; Radical Women; World
Peace Society (Aust); Alan Shaw; Maria Sendic; Cathy Berman; Lara Pullin;
Bernardo Zamora; Danilo Krsto Gadza; Helen Kerr, GP; Simone Nichol, Teacher;
Kate Nielson; Dave Murphy; Fay Waddington; Margo Webb; Max Whisson; Andrea
Shoebridge; Eman Seif; Barbara Wigan; Jim Dixon; Diana Rubel; Kevin Brennan;
Olaf Meyer; Olivia Parker; Saritah; Robert McFarlane; June Mcfarlane; Diana Rah;
Tasma Michael; Maxine Allan; Alex Falconer; Josh Tonkin; Catherine Menzies; Tony
Troughton-Smith; George Rofkar; Barbara Rofkar; Nizza Siano; Bill Fisher;
Carolyn Mutch; Michael Cornish; Susan Newby; Grant Boxer; Margret Gilchrist;
Henk Eijkman; Helen Hogan; Emily Boldiston; Alexandra Warner; Jenny Whitlock;
Paul Kringas; Steve Painter; Rose McCann; Bob Gould; Christine Huber; Jesse
Birch; John Owen; Carl Murray; Malachi MacKay; Nat Wills; Sherelle Hillary; Sean
Redder; L.V. Fumich; Tanya Vanderzman; Marie Brown; Kirby Franinelli; Dylan
Ryan; Marie Wynne; Walter Gard; PR Wood; Leith Maddock; Judith Blyth; Trevor
Edwards; Kolin Thumbadoo; Kerry Klinner; Barbara Jones; Patrick Wagner; Celina
Axe; Anthea Brotherton; Jessica Goldsworthy; Naomi Read; Meredith Walker; Alan
Ray; Tom Bertuleit; Jeannine Purdy; Karen Carlson, Project Worker; Denise
Warren, teacher; Bela Kusumah Kasim; Mira Wroblewski; Nada Dashlooty; Stephanie
Hughes; Bernard Tiay; Michael Di Iorio; Leila Awada; Erika Muzinic; Meredith
Budge; Stacey Lynn; Steven Heathcliff; Lynne Murphy; Ann Van Leerdam.

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