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Australia doesn't get much news time up here ....

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... which is a shame, really, particularly hearing from you good Aussie people and gleaning that the USA looms slightly larger in your eyes than 'down under' does in our own hegemonic and culture-centric focus.

We have major candor problems in the US. The media outlets, by and large, pander to the boys (and increasingly girls) in DC power circles. Suddenly, the "debate" brought to the newspapers and radio and television news outlets is already framed with the assumption that war with Iraq is a foregone conclusion, and that all that needs to be discussed is When we attack and Who is going to pay for it.

I have seen NO references in the mainstream media to the history of US complicity in arming Saddam Hussein with all the necessary biochemical ingredients for a successful program to create (to use the current buzz phrase, which itself has grown incredibly stale and banal) "weapons of mass destruction" (is anyone else as fucking sick as I am of listening to George Bush in that belligerent backwater Texas whine of his intoning that phrase over and over like a goddamn mantra??).

But what passes for debate and discussion in the mainstream up here in North America is very much like our "Democracy" itself. You can have A or B (and A & B are virtually the same thing). Great choices. And that's not going to change as long as the citizens of this country are able to live on in relative comfort and ease with plenty of things to buy and endless television to watch. We're a television nation, after all, and as long as there's television, there's really very little urgency to THINK.