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Hi Allez

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Enjoy your posts. We have been getting quite a bit of airplay here about the lack of debate going in America and yes we are all pretty much aware of how little oz features in the American psyche. Doesn't matter, we're used to it, though our cultural cringe has of late turned into a cultural swagger.
Apart from shrubs grating drawl ("the warrr on trrrrrrrrr") the most damning utterance he has made was in relation to the Kyoto resolution on climate change. "The American lifestyle is not negotiable." This was not well received.
However, the mainstream press is pretty much compliant with yours though our national broadcaster (ABC) gives a much more balanced view. Thinking is not encouraged here either, the comfort zone is narrow and entrenched. Was it the Roman empire that kept the status quo with bread and circuses? Some parallels there. Nothing new under the sun eh.