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hey Bobby.f.m & varp

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Yeah, isn't it great the US is "leading the free world"? blah blah blah. What crap. We're storming around the world completely HEEDLESS of most other countries (and without genuine concern for them either). I KNOW it must be appalling to witness from outside the bubble of American ignorance .... and I'm sure you can imagine the frustration of being an American with a conscience, global concern, and a progressive outlook.

Bobby, you wrote (regarding the swill emenating from Washington) "Does anyone buy any of this? Or is it mind numbing brain washing... we get so sick of it all we switch off?.. and consider it a forgone conclusion." Sadly, it's getting to be the latter - it's all a foregone conclusion.

Varp - my GOD, I hadn't seen that quote: "The American lifestyle is not negotiable." Unbelievable. No WONDER the rest of the world is developing a deep & justified antipathy for "the land of the free and the home of the brave" (or, perhaps, "the land of the ignorant and the home of the glutton").