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Some answers (sort of)

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A) Is Iraq involved in covert sponsored terrorism?

We don't know, won't know and of course it can never be proved. That's the beauty of playing that card, the very fact that we don't know will be enough justification for the attack. We'll be expected to take their word for it.

B) Certainly I can foresee the possibility of a warranted or necessary 'Regime change' in the future, therefore a strike now might save lives on BOTH sides in a future conflict with a better armed Iraq?

Yes it may well save lives in the future, I'd agree with you there. Did you see the US are now thinking about training Iraqi rebels in the use of US arms to help them in their 'Regime Change', sounds very similar to what the CIA did with the Afghani rebels during the Russian invasion there, and we all know what happened after that!

C) With a regime change at least America's policy of trade embargos of important medical supplies would be lifted and thus THE PEOPLE would benefit. I mean the annual death stats related to poor medical supplies and lack of simple medicines such as anti-biotics, is quite horrific.

Yes your are 100% correct in this, the Iraqi people have suffered enough with these sanctions and any chance that they might be lifted can only be a good thing.

The only gripe I have with the Iraq conflict is the way the US Govt. can drum up all this support to remove a dangerous man that THEY put in power, that THEY funded and armed. That's like teaching a pit bull to kill, letting him loose and then leading the hunting party to put him down.

Oh they have some brains behind the operation over there I'll tell you.