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not the same at all, unless you trivialize murder

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Your hire/fire analogy doesn't hold water. This is a helluva lot more significant than someone hiring a delivery boy or a movie ticket taker and then deciding it isn't working out.

This is a case where, to begin with, we stupidly armed (with biochemical weapons or the ingredients & cash to produce them) a viscious thug merely because he opposed the same thing we did (in this instance, Iran. Note similarities with the mujahadeen in Afghanistan circa 1980s).

Now the same viscious thug is no longer our friend. So we simply "fire" him? Unfortunately, that "simple" act of firing him involves more than handing him a pink slip. It involves the lives of thousands and thousands of people, as well as billions and billions of dollars.

The whole brutish, ugly situation results from collosal idiocy undertaken in the name of geopolitical power hegemony. It's useless (bordering on patronizing) to reduce it to trivialities and simple analogies.