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For Leecy

Posted to Action Poetry

She creeps,
with silent consequence
a mutter'd incidence
and it can be full,
the time that moves in perpetual exsistence
serves only as a sigh in the wind,
that softly lays over her flesh,
and her silence moves shadows
from their stance.

When the night has moved me
and the light seems far away
theres a creeping whisper of

When the vibes of man
have run me mad in this cosmic outpour
of ego
theres the steady rythym of

And though the words of many a man
hath moved me till this day
bought me to this point of now
where steadily i gleam
the only angel i truely hear
through her sorrow and madness true

the only sigh
i cant do without,

So child, raise your head tonight
your song too long, unsung
I hear you through the nightimes of a century
and weep with heaven....
Alicia, be true, my friend
and do what you know to be right
Alicia, be awake , my friend
its not all heavy night.

Come suggest your essence
upon my presence
where you find the darkest avenue
there you find
the brightest jewel