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I pause
The noise
- Gets too loud

Turn turn the volume up
There is where my thoughts run free
and if for a second I could look away
(but I love to see you dance )
Bad bad tempting in rhythm what a fucking clique
And I was dreaming
to shatter through mysteries
and strife
ahhh this poem is gay
I still can’t convey what
I’m trying to say


It’s there
But I find it easier and easier to hide
As if I’ve been training all along
And the only place I find confront
is in solitude
But I can not dance alone for too long really..
It gets old even being alone.. ha! You laugh
Alone? What is this you talk of?
You do not know loneliness…

Maybe you’re right…

But the word itself..

I mean alone.. right now I am alone

With a house full of people

Aanother clique
And that’s what I am

I realize that
Ha! I smile
Cuz I like it

Giggle giggle

I can observe from this loneliness
Fictional loneness I must live in

Out out out I that’s all this is


Out out outta of me
Vomit out of me
U know when you’re just trying to be happy

That’s really just it..
Do I find it in me?

Do I?

I find that I’m lazier then most humane beings
And that’s more my problem then anything

But see.. …..I like dreaming I suppose
I think most of it is

I like
I just want to let myself be led
By whatever forces THAT is

I was in this house again a house
I knew ……well
crucially well

It’s exciting the things that occur
Funny things like sandwich fillings
Dropping outta of your video camera

But the reality is I live here
And at times I feel the practically in me
Is sickening

Anyway I better go.

And taken and read it would read as if I am not happy

I feel that I am. On many levels. But I’m a greedy bitch and always want more.