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(1) change. Ain't no gradual change; it's a binarism: same/other. Or rather -- it ''is'' a binarism self-critical (say) -- the binarism itself sameness-perpetuating (like this claim -- ad infinitum --) ... change-process = same crammed into a (non)temporal aspect the better to become (non)temporal. God! what stupid stupid words. words. Ignore me.---
(2) why Eliot in particular?---I'm referencing Rankin at present. Or ... not.---If things ''are'' that simple.---
(3) how're *you* doing? I'm broke & MPhil applications' being held up by slow referee. About to crawl to Directory Enquiries for a job. AM ONLY HELD BACK FROM PROCLAIMING I'VE FINISHED WITH WRITING BECAUSE I'VE FINISHED WITH WRITING -- say.---IT_s = the ...