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(1) me. (Tiresome subject but:)) IT_s ... ain't ... writing. Or art. Or made. So: ---nuff said: off on ... new ... ride. (Parenthetically: I think I see how radical anarchism could wear the mask of and infiltrate corporatism. But hey.) --- thanks f.r the +. :)

(2) I-V

As sofarimplied: impressive -- *highly* impressive. (That's a double-edged compliment. Cf. Wilde's ''The Critic As Artist.'' Heh.)---
----------Part I: see foregone remarks.---W/ this part you've incorporated & transcended pastpresent&future poetic canon -- indeed world -- *in potentia*. The other 4 Parts then gotta serve the begun ... unnamable movement.---
----------Part II: see foregone remarks.---
----------Part III: see foregone remarks.---
----------Part IV: fascinating: overcoming of 'Wasteland' throu rewrite of the fragmentation-ethic -- here an undercut omniscience as opposed to a sophistic despair (a smuggled-in omniscience).---Specifikly redunant overcoming (see on Part I) but by that token further grid-shifting infinitising kaleidoscope.---Repetition of 'cloudless' (visible structure like structure nowderided [sic]) undercutting *these* metas w/ context exposure of wordiness (temptation) of Void (sic) into which we might fond--- imagine we fall here -- the cloudless colourless sky *en fait* a colourful conception.---
----------Part V: possible shifting of POV from an androgyne character or multiple narratives -- who can say here now? -- gridshifting gridshifting as commentaries commenting in Part I (see fore-remarks).---



Why not musicwords next? TEXTure