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sunday sunday

Posted to Action Poetry

ma sunday
we picked a draw in the game
harrasing the ref
outside stadium 30 minutes later
shouting at away supporters
we re going down now
this game is gonna send ma town
down to hell
with the rest of the rubbish teams

to the pub
shoot up some speed in ma coke
all friendly now
just a game
got ma mates


bicycle ride
down town

rehersed with the band
heavy anthems
and raging rockn roll
and the sadness of those
gentle tunes
the mistakes
we make
made us laught
take it easy just
have a smoke
want a pipe?
lets have a pipe

all the hate ive given tonight
its only love left
way to much
for one man

concert in capitol city
coming on

well bring this town
back on its feet again
me and ma boys