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awake inside an amused reality

Posted to Action Poetry

Wading in with the wind, a paradox and a swim.

Moonlit sand comes into visions complex and simple too. The palm trees dance to a funky shango of tides, the bartenders outward glance from the smokey countertop comes along with oceans of time reflecting in his smile, in a bubbled thought I think this is the beach at the end of the universe and he's wondering up worlds to share with this fuzzy shade of now. Shaking it off I get lost and begin to listen as stories of gravitational justice and fearless magic and struggle land sideways on my mind, with all the truths spread out and scattered like stars around my inner eye. This is wonderful, this is fragile, impulse, impulse, i need a drink already, can't let it get too good or too real, not yet, its only 2 in the morning, realization from within this confusion can wait until the sun rises with it, hey bartender, fix me up one of those home brewed tastebud revolutions. He winks. Comin right up...sucker.

Supernatural juices squeeze the breeze, a compressed and uncomfortable moment proceeds...waking up, the scenery appears different and smells like hotel bar soap sticky on the edge of the tub. Car horns outside battle in the static.

This is the city, and paradise has been lost all over again.
Ahhh just one more lesson learned on the brink.

Just then a drop of water lands on my head and instantly everthing begins to look different. I scan the scene around me, look up and catch a glimpse in the corner of my sight to see that bartender standing horizontal on an M.C Escher lithograph, wink again, smile and dive into the ceiling. Ripples and all.

My last thought: Hmmph, mystical bastard! Always messin' with me!