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this is fragile

Posted to Action Poetry

this is airical
these are your eyes
your lone eyes singing
the blue visions
of invisible waters

this is mystical
this is fluidical
these are the birds
emerging from the nest of your call
rising for storms
for white storms quivering
with horizontal voices
for seagulls and doves
feeding you branches
whose roots are silence

this is the shade of your pulse
your re-echoeing strings of
woven tunes of twilight
throbbing along your
deep dream's shore
the tango tide
of your falling time

you sleep within your
buzzing blue-daze bud
the cloud of your tounge travelling
travelling further
balmed with white-scented shade
and restless wind

your lyradical touch
of living flight
opens your morning
opens your rooms
to endlessly
rippling waters