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diving into the ultra-real

Posted to Action Poetry

the embodiment a new body

a reconstructive language

the shadows blackened
shadowy smoky figures
embodied in white
new and not so new

the birth a direct hook-up
i have entered this space
hyper and dumbfounded
drooling periods
punctuated silences

& exclamation points
a connection to the unnameable
a sign a totem a monolith
reconstruct this wicked body

crags holes spaces
re-navigate the nose
the ears the prose
the arms of cotton stuffings
the solemn strummings
the pangs of consciousness

super white hot heat catapulted
from the tombs a new sign
a clue for that something
alive in the stars so lament
or be joyful of the wisdom
of reinvention re- or un-discovered
perhaps a clueless manifestation
like cobwebs over exit doors
please release this reflection

this pool of thieves
and copper tongued faces
the many pronged pains
the sharp and everlasting
very real not necessary