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A New Foundation

Posted to Action Poetry

tides' sure turning this time
i'm glad you can re-examine the past
and now you're on my side


You said,
"I didn't realize sides mattered so much to you"

And I thought
"Are you fucking kidding me?"

And maybe thats my own problem
Maybe I shouldn't expect someone that loves me
To stick up for me
Maybe I'm the only person
In this whole wide world
Who would've expected you
To be on my side

But maybe not....

You're telling me you see it now
And I think you do
But I ask you this...

What did you mean then?
When at first you flaked out on me, and wouldn't see it my way.

And I ask you this...

Will I always have to explain it to you?
Do you think that now, with this understanding you can change your attitude? Your way of thinking?

I think you have.
I hope you have
I can believe you have.

And that is how we rebuild.
This will be our new foundation