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yell (o yell)

Posted to Action Poetry


yell... o yell when
you lie in earth's deepest marrow
when all your drums begin to beat and
silence ignites your fever
yell to awaken
the spectres of dusts
yell to awaken
hours hands
all day and all night
restlessness crowds
a calm brain
yell when darkness
seeps through the opening
in the dream-mortared wall
that rises in your night
when words
well out of fissured earth
and swollen babel-roar
and you, naked
lie in warm desert sand
in a void built by lizards
the crawling of alien life
the first shout of air
like a new birth
a new endeavor
under a hundred suns
built upon re-creation
o yell
as dunes whirl free
as you wake
peace sifting through
like a lost gem
the essence of time
the constructs
the systems
of change
of lights
of revolutionary
the lyradical rhythm
of drums that open the wall


the wall of the sky
the barrier of sound
the membrane of skin
that open the i
that open the why
to the sound of the
sleeping silence
as nights fall into morning
burning the light with their
blackglass darkness
of icy slumber
sporadic bursts of neon
enter numerous dreams
with white hot awareness
like messages
baked on scrolls
two eyes turn red
to the dreams
that surround them
that invade them
that live on their inside
swimming in crimson seas
burning with the blood
of the messenger's heart
like a pyramid
of infatuations
and confusions
thought upon thought
of bricks stacked high
from dreams to wake
all hours bring forth
the opening up
the loud doors creaking
the dream seed
witnessed harnessed
all hours bring forth
the sound of time
extracting days
out of the rippling mirror
of seas lost to the tide
bring forth the golden hope
stained with life
and human existence
the sea of souls
the whirlpool of hearts
noise and sound
unravel beneath the days
visual premonitions
huge and wide
sailing the sea
yet holding it all in
a brand new navigation
to lead days
to lead hopes
and fears

--a work by panta rhei & andrew/nsj