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In a Panic

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Woes of the Ammonia Refrigeration Process Safety Management Team Member Transistor

Oh good frosty god it's so cold
In the 'palletizing' room where men
with burnt hotdog fingers fashion
stacks of pallets as ice forms
by the doorways BEFORE THE LEAVES FALL

'...and the compressor bone's connected to the
transfer vessel bone
the transfer vessel bone's connected to the
oil pot bone
the oil pot bone's connected to the
relief valve bone
and the relief valve's replaced each 5 years...'

BC-22 doesn't exist - him
It has to exist, here's the schematic - me
well it doesn't cause compressors only go up to 21 - him
well what the fuck is this schematic man? - me
don't look at me, this is my first day back - him
die you motherfucker die! - me

are jeans okay cause i'm going to get real dirty anyway in the plant but i brought slacks just in case oh yes ha ha of course you don't want to pay for the cleaning bill hahahahahahahaha okay

'han fran can san a san tran onna dussa tran par fran sanna san' says my new buddy over the din of engine room 2. nod. walk away confidently. man today rocks.