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you are the vessel for your own light

Posted to Action Poetry

the bottom of the soul is dark and
you cannot come from the superficies
to the depths without entering into darkness

starting on this journey to the hidden
and covered parts inside means to face
the denied, to admit pain, to go deeper
than indifference, shallowness, bitterness
and despair

to venture into darkness means to venture
into the void, and the way to the
innermost part of the soul can be
as long and dark as the the way
to the farthest stars at the edge of the universe

the center of darkness is a place of origin

it is a place where
the crusts and bonds of the self dissolve
a place of opening up and letting go

to be in the dark of darkness means
to be alone in the beauty of absolute silence
in the resounding absence of words
and images

to be all receptivity
to let yourself be penetrated
with nothingness

for it's only absolute darkness
that lets in all rays
of light