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the winter's lover

Posted to Action Poetry

i lay in a white blanket of micsonception, that once birthed the ideas in my head, compulating with my mouth, in the cold slivers of ice, that melt on the tip of my tongue, sending the chills, i would later adorn, in a warm day, as the sun, frizzled me, and winds, froze my heart, in mid beat, as my hands failed, falling beside me, to let you wither in the empty space, as my thighs reopen, to let life enter with her fluid movements, making me cringe and cry, while the snowflakes fall, as different as the faces i see, when i actually do walk outside, unsheltered in the light, that mimics the whiteness of my despair, carving your name over and over in flesh and folds, of downy snow, and red cluster of dwarfs, that shines down on me in the darkness, when i am more comfortable...without you, i'm not okay, standing stark naked to the mirror, as it retaliates with my own thoughts, that sleep when i do, letting in the winter, when i lost it, along with you way...