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Slumber of Silver Maidens

Posted to Action Poetry

Human Holiness Rain coat
skin Bound for Freedom Grey Color Creation
Rainbow Colony Autumn
Day Forest Fun Fair Kesey
The Duke of Dare The
Operator Brokedown Palace
The Prince of Paupers The
Bum of Nowdom Brain flood
of uplifting layter dwellers
Monty mailcarriers of friendliness
Gail Gems in Skulls Skin Mask
Plastered Winful Wisdom Rampant
with Life Force. Elemental
Soulville- Essential Sessons
of Riverflow And Gracious Gladfests
of Refer ryders And No Cities
Lake Side View Thompson- in a
Climb for Loftlove- Haven of
Limbo- Dready in Bandithood-
Craving Planet Union In passers
of Stares- With Down turned
eyes shame hole - - - ]
Soultrane to the Midbrain of
Soft Claims- and Light shed
Dames- Cascading down windownpains
in the late of day- Setting
sun of Fair Flight
Survivors- we are the survivors
who is to carry the weight
the tradition the lost
wordless clear catipillar
of sad song delerium-
Grateful Brothers of Dead
Bands All and Allman ...
Window shut freezes plastic raindrops
to the tip top of my slippy
itty drainflushphantasy-
Phantastic Labotomy- Frownless
Snowstorm of Storyplants-
Razer Rally streetsweepers-
grabbing nectar of the gods
in the hands of the cryptic-clown-
icy pumps of crown
bearing thorns of love with daisies
in the sandlot Mingus Mingus three four five-
Charles Coltrandavismonkparking
in the byrdland of dylan traces
freeing the experience of hendrix
in loose fan blows from snazzed
gale goers in hand-me-down laser
boots with Fanny Fanny - Ripple
stillwater Mindhead- Moloch for
good company in a ramenwilderness
of pain- roman in the row-men
romane- Romance for Dis configured
Car Fire Melting flesh of jamie
and release of pain history future
now Yesterday's
Flash Back of Sweet Raindrops
tearful headtrip in the Brokedown
Palace- Rock my soul- by the waterside-
gazing into the light sparkle off
the water with an eternal landslide of
pure emotion- feeling of
no fright midnight- lost in maze hold
landslot- 40 foot walls- with the
mazed stone tunnel- wandering the
wasteland bemused by brazen
flashbarrelers who knows of
last man standing - burning
in the eleven o'clock hour-
flesh fare brutal tree cataclyism-
Kesey of My Sphere- Sphere of
Transistor Raspernails---
vail of illusion- shroud of conscience-
rock solid unsteadiness in sleep of mind
in day of blackness and
formless class space -> drums -->
A Love for Real, Not Fade Away-
All my Love- To the One
and Two and Who make the
world a better place for
having been everywhere in
the atmospheric grind of light through
eye hole blasted desire classic
hardnosed maniac- lovecrazed
leo neo one ole ellio ...
crasbrastro- ellosimanzalla-
Warlock Longhair Bendlight
in cosmic crystals
of sublime color cross Caste
a spill of spells in solitude
and ring cosmic bells- giant
city park in prank rock climb soulsearch
internal cliff dweller in yester rockpost-
fat man squeeze- ryde for life
tap of cymbal apartment in fast
cash service opposition float in
free fromed jazzslides in hep hep
hep gig gag hazzle frazz- come on
and give me what youi want to hear
to give you soemthig you need in
this hour of
lost yeseter year in the movie with
names only - in pictures in the
ground in Rose Covered White Celestial
Sublime- Guava Jelly Bound for Glory
in the Story of Love Thats the Glory
of Love- Sitting on the Dock of the bay
in the birth of the cool-
drinking bitches brew listening
to G. Luv too- Scat
in Lampost Green BOX Lawn chair
chill spot hotbed of bowl smoke
and pizza- soda and citris and
passing out after a
good stand and wishing the past
would circle back around already
because this old soldier has had
enough of the plastic manhole
imposed upon our thought by the
culture of the insane and the
misplaced man power thought
power on the hour time after
time placed in rhyme Set free
from scales of the serpent
and the widow of mexicalli sunshine-
beaten into intense browneyed
everlasting int he wind and
rain in the breeze of the
trees and the snow of the
leaves and the tears of the
sky in the eye of storm with
earths and worms and holy red
swarms of dispatched horns-
Unicorns and Plastic Thorns-
Forlorn in poen Opiumass Mass
of Opium headhunters cornered
in pen cups with study lamps
used for cd reflections with
beasts of hollow amber peace
secretions pale in comparison
to the yester years of parker
and his slow beat styles of
the waste land- rooftop hilldwellers
recalling dreamtime liberation and
cloudhopping hipsters - 9 folded gates
dispersed across catacombs
manifest in phantasy - News of
Neo Jump Land Sink Water Walking
Passificst. Jump Jive Sail away
rocket trip to never never
question of conscious latitude-
jumping jumping hug killer
goodbye rancid dirt overdose-
burried in days pooled into
grooving groping slithering
writhing spilling oozfest
master caste of hep hipness
in jolly jolly manhunt Lombard
way intermural qrane qarrier
crarrier- granmazter solum-
oath of inflicted slam sloth
everest Mt Osiris Lanpalace-
Fortress of flare- Flame int
he hearth hard to sooth the
light giver and the Ra Spillway-
Atomic Waterflow -Hello morning
sun fun in Park Parker Hilltopper
Bandit of Love- Overfrosty scales
intrepet sailors - Brazen- Laze-
Unchurned- and Basted with rich
nothingness- Simmered to a light
holmliness understood only by
one or two in the universe and
you and unspoken by eternity-
and mismatched in clever ironicicsm-
quazz eye super sparkle fun kit-
Amid Admit Cultivate- Garden Quarters-
in a trilateral killingfloor-
subjective to golden hearts and
silver tongues laced in lush
weaved love- incased in a raindrop-
falling for separation- dillusion
of self- split in gravitative lust-
upheld by earned justice- bowled in
blue truck of rolling blue thunder-
wheels of white- and tires of tracks-
hoodentailifeartheadwelleraid -->
iantoddyerailwayonderedustailov -->
ebbudeathomearthelloveternalov -->
eternaloveternaloveternalov -->
earthlyesilveredisasterailos -->
tranebbrownewomaniceccentricreativ -->
everlastingraciousoulfulivin -->
givingivingladadollacerase -->
desireverlastingodwelleriverive -->
riveracingreeneoceandersonationailiberatio -->
neonslaughtazmanianyloneveravenowhere -->
verywheremancipatedrainedeniedelightonigh -->
thoughoverslowsamazingraceveriveredothe -->
Waking at the crack of dawn to create art.
Just the way she would have loved it all to be-
Here with the slumber of silver maidens-
Shimmering Sunset Seated Around You
for points of love-
Quality Quiet Time scholarship
stuff for where? oh here-
sure ride the bus on over
and you can join the edge of sanity
the delight of writhing umbrella friezes-
Up and down in A reverse fashion-
Subject to change in the manner of apologies-
Birth of Forgiveness-
Birth of Sorrow-
Death of Silence-
coming to visit-
whatever happens "
... pause in wordcount- deliver me in