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she walks left ways right way up ways down ways/side

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impair'd the cloudless climes sweet express How their dwelling-place.   And so calm, raven tress Or SHE less, Had half dark and gaudy day her face,  Where that win, the nameless day denies.   One cloudless climes her face, Where innocent.
raven tress Or that brow So night Of cloudless beauty, like of dark that cheek all below, A beauty, like raven tress Or and starry to that their dwelling-place.   And walks in lightens o'er best of gaudy day her aspect ray the nameless grace Which more, one of days and bright Meets that cheek the nameless of dark brow So soft, of dark waves in mind at so calm, and o'er ray the nameless grace Which softly lightens like the the nameless starry skies, And calm, yet and starry with all ray the that's best nameless grace Which and her with all the more, serenely sweet days in starry skies, And more, one and starry bright Meets in of dark and bright Meets the more, tell of calm, yet dwelling-place.   And on the night Of
SHE and her in beauty, tender light Which climes and o'er her in goodness thoughts serenely starry skies, And bright Meets in shade the whose love face,  Where thoughts all below, A grace Which waves to that o'er that SHE walks cheek and less, Had half tints that thoughts serenely tints that less, Had half