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The Commruinit Manifesto

These is true:
~Ass persons of this state; which the holy father of the Zion hath founded, we do not do judgements, against this form, of goverrment.
~We do not want war. (PS)
~In the war, we do not not make choice as to the grievances of the colonials. (PS)
~The moderists will not win! I repeat sir, the will not win.
~You are all stricken with avarice and evitable scammishness.

We say:
~The hypothalmuses of the columnists are confuses; which we think, is avaricial.
~Wee will win.
~We do not want war! I repeat sir, we do not want war.
~We look at this government through a polariscope and it is evitable that we predetermine that it is the case.

The great Issachar, ascendent of the great heathen, ascendent of the great Israel; is the founder of this government and we hold this and do not do judgements.

*We comprehend that the war is immbeneficial to the land, the horses, and the great kings that ruled the government and we do not want war! I repeat sir, we do not want war.

Govermnet is supposed to be in its purest form reluctantly grievancing, no prepareing eating war. We do not want war. I say, sir, give me liberty- don't give me death!

*PS- Pot-smoking, which marvelous activity I must have been doing in order to compose something to this magnitude of retardation.