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i falter

Posted to Action Poetry

before experience
smothered over my skin
once a balm
now only
to reenact my past
the scars
vivid red
that scream out to my actions
without any validity
feeling my feet
move into the sands
ready to fall into them
and be devoured
yet unsteady
to the words
that replay
in lyrical streams
into my ears
making a home
in that grey matter
that wrinkles at
the truth
hiding beneath
the concept of love
as it threads itself
into my fibers
stiffening my limbs
petrifying my heart
as the bruises and lesions
form stories
only i can tell
my mouth agape
to the world
tasting the salts
secret prophecy
that walks into
my waking dreams
as i'm held
in your warmth
that is man made
but fake as before
when my jaw broke
wrist slit open
and life
drained onto
the perfect square tiles
ornamenting them
with my pain and sorrow
of the weak
that failed
to be solid
when a family
thought otherwise
never knowing
the ordeal
with crimson cutouts
that clung to
everything in the area
except that
my lessons
throb on my flesh
contrast to the almond
honey browns
that stretch over me
reminders of
a sad past
i can myself