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my mouth

Posted to Action Poetry

spits concrete and fire
while my face contorts
to express my passions
that live in my cells
thriving for attention
as they fold over me
making me verbal and aggressive
in the slow day
that moves in lethargy
as i clasp my hands
tightly into fists
my muscles taunt
with cobra venom
at their tips
the way the colors
turn to a single shade
and move with clarity
words filtered through
my open mouth
as i release it
in one moment
that expands the depth
of a woman's heart
beating within this chest
made of fragile bone
already broken
by times encounters
of social standards
that i fight in
reverse therapy
letting it run
through the veins
that go throughout
my entire being
as active as powerlines
feeding the flames
that burn in my belly
with endless truths
only i hear
as the beer bottles
pile up and recreate
the babel of past lives
now toppling over
to shatter into reality
that i carve
into my skin
with shards of brown prophecy
letting the rusty red
slither down
and ease my desires
with a nicotene chaser
in the middle of
my solitude...