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i watch myself die, in the shape of glass and brown liquor, my mouth, my eyes, my heart, closing to the outside, as the colors in me, swirl in arrays of the past, long forgotten, long remembered, i can't tell anymore, i feel his face, as it presses next to mine, warm and parental, to kiss my forehead, before i slumber in dreams of pink and fairy wings, my toes laced with slippers, slowly shifting into something else, the green of his eyes, that held tight to my own mud tipped ones, holding one another in an ephermeal trance, that would take my flesh to heaven, with droplets of crystal, that slide over it in ecstacy, to run to ends of my limbs, and holler out to the world, 'i'm in love', fading black as the night, when it rained all over me, and the stars hide beneath the blanket of storm, when the dirt mixed itself into stickiness, reaching for us from the river, to hold his legs there, hold him still, til breath escaped with his frail life, my tears leaving shards of salt as a eulogy, and in the distance, i hear the esoteric words, that stream out of that mouth, with the plump pouty lips, that lock onto mine, with the heat of a solar nova, that chars, everything else when we were together, including common sense, that led to broken bones and bloody teeth, as my jaw healed, with purple-blue bruises to follow the leader, still scarred in places, from the glass i have become, sessile in my day, to fall into the void, as the world slips between my fingers and thighs...then...i wake...