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and make it snappy mr alligator

Posted to Action Poetry

Subliminal electricity
Hums and volts.
Magic crackles in
Magnesium-Silver lines;
The plugged-in, shockhair,
Headset Carnivore sits
Illuminated by the
Light of the V.D.U screen;
Where Late-night,
Laboratory-blue Neon
Striplights cast Rorschach
Shadows and Passion plays
Against the walls.
Sweating beneath the
Whirr and slice of the
Fans whirring steel blades.
Buzzing wild-eyed
On hits of late night
Blissful needle balm
And Stoned,
Sour-fruit, sloe gin syrup.
Tap tap typing out
Pigrims’ dreams in
Bilious ink,
Meeting God in the
Shadow of
Oblivion and dreams,
In the square root of
Lost and found;
With blueprint plans,
Probability graphs of
Creation math and
Eden maps.

Running the silent
Drugged rooftops
Of the mind,
Calling cards and
Ransom notes.
Staring down the
Barrel of life
Thru a hunter’s
Rifle sight.
Renegade angel
Clicks and reloads.
Guided by divine voices,
Carries a Bag full of
Bullets and
Sinners’ names.

Sentinel sleeps,
Gagged and tied in devil knots.