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too true

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So today Bush won in the Senate and house of representatives. He now has the support of the American government to declare war on Iraq whether the United Nations agrees or not. Welcome to the New World Order. I'm so sick of being America's obedient little lapdog. I'm not opposed to military action per se, but It feels like The principles of democracy are being severely undermined by the arrogance of the world's only Superpower. A system headed by a man who claimed that there "should be limits on Liberty." and who referred to the United States actions in the wake of 11/9 (i'm english. what's this 9/11 business?) as being a Crusade, displaying either spectacular stupity or insensitivity, or revealing a true agenda thru a Freudian slip.

"Americans never recognize an idea unless it has white
wings or a forked tail."

H.L. Mencken, 1920s