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We touched each other thru words......

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I could tell her my most intimate chaotic loved up bizarre poetic sentimental thoughts and she didn't laugh at me or think me strange. She shared her intimate thoughts with me too and I loved listening to them. She said I was very special and made me feel good about myself.

We sent many letters to one another. I looked forward to those letters Beautiful letters full of poetry, philosophy and emotion. There was no pretension here jus complete honesty. We felt the same way. Both of us wanting to leave everything and go and find ourselves in the woods. We're both searching for some truth, like we is both the same age in spirit. To find someone like that is very rare. I feel this strong vibe in the core of my being that I have known her before. in a past life or something. Can't explain it, jus shes a kindred spirit or something.. an old friend I have known for a long long time... My true soul sister... a reincarnation of an ancient someone I have known before.