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Reefer gladness (ha ha)

Posted to Action Poetry

Woke up a hundred years ago
in a dream I had last night,
was sweating like a mummy
with embalmed malaria bite,
called out for my mama
she came a lickity split,
she said there ain't no problem
that a lil bit a reefer can't fix.

The night before the last one
I had a dream or two
I was on a little boat
making out with you
the boat got a great big hole in it
with no warnings at all
I jumped out and smoked some dope
woke up in a waterfall

But the night before last night
I laid awake and stewed
I paced the floor and wondered
what I was gonna do
I was feeling regrets
about some things i've done,
I was all out of reefer
and my ex had borrowed my gun

Now, tonight I'm gonna go down
to a little joint I know,
and listen to some music
maybe put on a show,
renegade ghost on a rampage,
has finally left my place,
and I'm happily blowin my reefer smoke
in the image of his face.

Feel free to add on some verses. (in fact please do!)