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I sliced my arm

Posted to Action Poetry

I sliced my arm
With your swiss army knife
I began to dissect it
When you lost your life

The only one who stood
When I crawled
Never laughed at me
When I began to grow bald

I sliced my arm
Because I know you’d hate it
I cut it into squares
And began to grate it

Only one to guard me
When I walked down the street
Kissed me passionately
When I was in heat

The only one who never
Slapped me around
Saved me from the angry ocean
When I almost drowned

I sliced my arm
In honor of you
I am thinking of our love
While my arm I chew

You left me to rot
No more chances to make love
In your cot

I sliced my arm
Because you are no longer here
And without you in my life
I have everything to fear